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Hanger for Color Bead Stair


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SKU: CHM0266

In stock


Hanger for Color Bead Stair is used to provide The Child with an exercise in grasping the abstract concept of a number.

This is achieved by

  • selecting a number slider,
  • placing the slider on the top bar in the groove
  • selecting the corresponding color bead stair
  • counting the number of beads to ensure that this is the correct selection
  • hanging the bead stair below the number in the top groove.

The Child finds it very difficult to visualise a number without having a concrete representation of the number in the form of the bead stair and the number slider.

The colored bead stairs are obtainable as separate items under item no. CHM0251.

Item Number:  CHM0266

The Long Chains by Christine McTamaney

The Montessori Math materials offer concrete, manipulative experiences with concepts that most adults think about abstractly. Through these extended experiences with hands-on materials, children absorb the concepts more precisely and are able to understand them more th..

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Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 32 × 15 × 5.5 cm


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