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South America

South America, a continent of extremes.  Home to both the world’s largest river (the Amazon) and the driest place (the Atacama Desert) in Chile.  Running from the equatorial humidity of the Panama Canal (8th man-made wonder of the world) down to the most desolate of islands, the Falklands.  It encompasses diverse river basins, both the world’s most bio-diverse tropical rain forest (Amazon) and the vast grasslands of the Paraná River basin, (the flooded savanna grasslands in Argentina).  This South America continent folder contains invaluable information to introduce this continent to the 3 to 6 and older children.

Explore the lives of the indigenous peoples of this continent with inspiring stories.  Take a journey through your mind’s eye.  Imagine growing up as a member of the Warao people in the Orinoco River Delta in Venezuela, one of the oldest ethnic groups in the world.  They still manufacture their own canoes by choosing a tree of the correct size and shape, harvesting it and hollowing it out with stone tools.  Or exploring the 887 massive moai statues on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean, carved from solidified volcanic ash.

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