Our Team

Our Team - Stephen

Stephen’s entrepreneurial spirit, together with his vision and marketing background, spurred him to start Childrens House.  He thrives on helping others to improve themselves.  His vision and foresight together with a quest to continuously improve, guide us forward.  As a team we search for the best products for the Child. 

Our Team - Kirsty

Kirsty, founder of our Company is the product and research specialist.  As a mother of 2 she holds a Business Science degree with honours in Human Resources plus a Montessori Diploma from MCI in London. A previous Directress and lecturer of Montessori teachers for several years, she now puts her knowledge into producing some of the finest Montessori activity sets for the Child.

Our Team - Sharon

Sharon, our coastal sales representative and Montessori specialist, a mother of 2, holds a Montessori Diploma.   She taught in a Montessori 3 to 6-year-old environment for many years.  When the children came along; she moved to lecturing and mentoring Montessori student teachers.  After joining our team, Sharon continued to lecture, part-time, keeping her skills relevant.

Our Team - Justine

Justine, our sales representative in Gauteng and the inland regions studied law, photography and reflexology.  Her varied career in a few industry sectors, focussed predominantly in the sales arena.  As a mother, she realised her passion for the importance of education, and finds the Montessori method particularly interesting.  Her young son is the inspiration behind all that she does.


Our Team - Tom

The digital and social media manager, Tom, joined the team in 2019.  Honing his skills, he produced two online shopping platforms in record time.  He loves managing all social media marketing material.  His expertise has energised our online shopping experience in a very challenging environment.



Our Team - Meryl

Operations manager, Meryl, organiser of us all, says; “On joining the Childrens House company, I found a line of work that speaks to my passion, children. From the first day I joined this company, it was clear that this family owned business strives for the best and works well together as a team and I am proud to be a part of this company.”




Our Team - Ansaaf

The front-door fairy of Childrens House, Ansaaf Assistant Ops Manager; handles admin duties and is fast developing into a one-woman R&D dept. Working with Tutsi, she processes the delivery of your order to ensure that our satisfaction guarantee is met when your order is delivered. She adores being part of the Childrens House family and hopes to grow with it for a long time to come.




Our Team - Tutsi

My name is Tutsirai Chopamba, 25. "I was born in Zimbabwe, and am proud of my role as the Stock Room Controller and Packer. I take responsibility for each order I pack. The control of the stock room is vital to the smooth running of the operations and provides me with many areas to express my skills. Working at Childrens House has allowed me to grow and develop."





Our Team - Andre & Claire

Andre and Claire bring experience and wisdom to the team.  Andre, with his trusty companion, Gatsby, visits our local customers, making courtesy calls or delivering their orders.  Claire manages the web sites developing the stories and ensuring that the site is pertinent and accurate.