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What's Under the Sea?
Picture of By Claire
By Claire

What’s Under the Sea?

Summer has arrived and with it thoughts about playing in the waves, diving to find what’s under the sea.  There are so many things to be found in the ocean and now it is time to allow children to explore the depths and shallows of the ocean with out weekly specials.You will find our Coral Reef figurines from Toobs, 2 different Fish Puzzles, one for the toddler and the other, the Fish Skeleton Puzzle for the older child.  A book (with a twist)  about fish, not only a story, but chock full of projects – you will have hours of fun making fish biscuits, playing a board game and other projects and facts are to be found in this delightful book.

Don’t let us forget about the Whales found around the coast of South Africa and also the smallest of fish, the Clown Anenome Fish to be found in coral reefs and amongst anenomes in particular.

Don’t forget about the Arts & Crafts we introduced you to a couple of weeks ago!  This week we are highlighting the Blackboard Paint as our special!  We are able to provide all related products that go with blackboards!  Enjoy painting your wall, at the child’s height, then let them loose with chalk and they can show their creative talents! Enjoy your week.Chalk Drawing

This weeks specials are valid until 05 Nov 2018 or whilst stocks last.

Prices include VAT. 

Delivery to your door is free for any orders over R500, anywhere in South Africa.  For orders under R500, a delivery fee of R69 is charged!

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