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Welcome Back to School

Welcome Back to School

Welcome Back to School! to all the teachers.  Even though the decision to re-open schools has been a slightly on-again, off-again situation; eventually, during the next 3 months, all classes will gradually re-open.

How wonderful to have a little more stability and routine.  The Children will be the first to reflect their feelings with big smiles, and a little hesitation.  How bewildering this time has been for all of them.  Now it is up to us to welcome them back and teach them the “new normal” routine.  This affects children and it is important for them to understand what they can do to control the situation.

What better way to do this than for Teacher, (as part of the “new normal”), to host a Welcome Back to School Tea Party!  Let us get outdoors and catch these beautiful wintery sunny days.  We can all share our emotions and experiences while Teacher pours us a cup of rooibos tea.   Keeping in mind that children need to practice social distancing, this would be a great opportunity to find out how each Child perceives this new element in our (no-touching) interactions.

Good luck to all the teachers who face this time of uncertainty, remember, you are our heroes!  Childrens House values your dedication and love and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being so special and putting yourselves on the line to educate all the children.

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