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  1. Hi Stephen (starting again)
    Can I order the following:
    6x Art Apron (2-4 year old)
    4x Apple Cutter
    12x Small Tongs
    3x Folding Activity Set
    Will advise on ETC tomorrow. Thanks for your assistance
    Thanks Sophia – Windhoek

  2. Morning Stephen, can I order the following:
    10x Bags of 100 Golden Individual Beads
    5x Bags of red Individual beads
    1x Sku:N009450 Multibase Bead Frame
    2x CHM0149 Subtraction Strip Board
    3x SKU: CHP2615 Broom, Mop & Dustpan Set
    1x SKU: CHT0634 Ball Tracker
    1x Infact Dressing Frame: 3 Buttons Closure
    1x Infant Dressing Frame: Large Zipper Closure
    1x Infant Dressing Frame: Buckling Closure
    3x Washboard
    1x Clothes Airer
    3x Stereognostic Mystery Bag: Geometric Shapes
    1x Box with Bins: Toddler
    1x Sweeping Guide
    1x Geometric Puzzle Board
    1x Toddler Puzzle: 4 elephants
    That’s all, thanks

  3. Hi Stephen
    Regarding ETC Black Friday order. I would like to order the following unfortunately I am leaving in an hours time and will not be near a computer until midday tomorrow.
    Could you order the following:
    1x Rhyming Activites with Objects
    1x Opposite Sorting Cards
    1x Associations: Around the House
    1x Associations: Food
    1x Associations: Outside Activities
    1x Same and Different
    1x Parts to a Whole

  4. Hi Stephen
    ETC order for today on thick plastic:
    Numeration: 1x Equal, Greater than, Less than
    1x Snake Game Addition Kit 1 and Kit 2
    Operations: 1x Golden Bead Task Cards – Addition
    1x Bead Stair Addition Task Cards, Level 3 – 6
    1x Addition Strip Board Task Cards Level 3 – 6

  5. Hi Stephen
    Can I order the following ETC material – thick plastic:
    1x Stem Heat
    1x Stem Light
    1x Stem Sound
    1x Stem Dynamics
    1x Weather and Climate Level 9 – 12
    1x Human Migration Chart
    1x Influential Leaders and Revolutionaries
    1x Number Line Extensions Level 9 – 12
    1x Measurement Curriculum Level 9 – 12

  6. Morning Stephen
    Another ETC order on thick plastic:
    1x Patterns of Human Migration
    1x Ancient Civilisation Research Cards
    1x Timeline of Life Research Cards
    1x Tree of Life Chart – Cladistocs
    1x Human Physiology – Complete Set
    Many Thanks

  7. Morning Stephen
    Me again!!!!!
    Can I please order the Following ETC on thick plastic:
    1x Teaching Measurement in Early Childhood
    1x Parts of the Face
    1x Visual Discrimination: Facial Expressions
    That’s all, I think

  8. Morning Stephen
    The Last order for this year!
    3x Checker Board Beads (20 sets of Beads 1 – 9)
    4x 45 Golden Bead Bars of Ten
    2x Addition Strip Boards
    4x Golden Bead Thousand Cube
    Wish you, family and staff – A blessed Christmas Season.

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