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By Claire

Water Week

Water Week
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Remember when you got your first pair of wellies? (They were possibly red!).  You couldn’t wait to get out into the rain to find the biggest puddle and JUMP in it, laughing with glee as your mommy told you ‘don’t do that, you’ll get wet”   After the rain, you went into the garden, or down the road to wherever there was a patch of grass that possibly held a puddle of water, searching for tadpoles, if you were lucky.

Another powerful memory was me, running through the sprinkler on a hot, dusty day.  The droplets of water appeared to be diamonds, sparkling in the sky bringing welcome relief to the heat of the day and I would shriek with pleasure as the cold, cold water splattered over my hot, sweaty body. Water Week

After running with my friends or a game of soccer I would dash to the nearest tap and hold my mouth under the running water, gulping down the cool thirst-quenching water, never once worrying about things like the quality of this water, it was always perfectly acceptable and drinkable.

The United Nations celebrate World Water day on the 22nd March.  This year, World Water Day 2020 is about water and climate change – and how the 2 are inextricably linked.  The campaign shows how our use of water will help reduce floods, droughts, scarcity and pollution and will help fight climate change itself.

The UN has developed a massive campaign setting out Sustainable Development Goals for the Decade – Water and Climate Change.  These are not lofty, unobtainable goals aimed at Presidents and CEO’s of corporations; they are aimed at all of us – the youngest and poorest as well as the oldest and richest amongst us.  Don’t find yourself failing our children, find out what each of us can do to give our Children the biggest gift ever – that of a quality life for all, providing everyone with sufficient nutrition and a future that gives hope, not despair!

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of human rights to water and sanitation and the different levels and categories of water and sanitation services.

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