It is very simple. Prepare the solution as suggested on the Virol-Oxy® product on the Childrens House website.  A short video explains the simple process. Once the solution is prepared, simply spray the surfaces thoroughly using Virol-Oxy® solution and leave to stand for 10 mins.  Then you can either dry with a dry cloth or let the solution evaporate. If needed, you can clean / wipe the surface with a wet cloth there-after.

Potassium Pentasulfate and Hydrogen Peroxy along with a Titanium-based catalyst, create two key active free radicals with Oxidation potential.  The activity of the free radicals oxidizes viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds (spores).

Virol-Oxy® is sold as an inert powder.  The solution is activated when mixed with water.

The manufacturers state that it is forbidden to sell/resell Virol-Oxy® in a liquid form.  The reason is that once the powder is mixed with water, the solution is activated.  Once activated, the solution only has a 10-day shelf-life before it expires.

No.  It is forbidden to sell/resell Virol-Oxy® in a liquid form.  Virol-Oxy® can only be sold in a powder form.  The end-user is advised to prepare fresh Virol-Oxy® solution when they are ready-to-use it, at the time of application.  The reason for this is that Virol-Oxy® is most effective, immediately after it has been mixed and has a 10-day shelf-life.

  • Has Virol-Oxy been Tested?

Virol-Oxy has undergone numerous tests through the EU testing authorities, Hygcen, for viruses (corona, vaccinia, polio and Murine Norovirus).  All these tests are available, together with their certificates.  Below, please find the certificate and tests for the Coronavirus. You may request additional test results.

The EU testing authorities, Hygcen, have also tested Virol-Oxy extensively for bacteria – S. aureus, E. hirae, P. aeruginosa, P. mirabilis and E. coli. In the U.S. Pharmacopeia 51 (USP 51) they tested S. aureus, E. coli and P. funiculsosm. All these tests are available, together with their certificates. Below, please find the certificate and tests for some of the bacteria tests. You may request additional test results.

Virol-Oxy® is sold in massive bulk quantities, which is not dealt with here.  If you are an industrial user and require larger quantities than listed below, please contact Stephen Wessels at

Childrens House supplies Virol-Oxy® in 2 different sized packages:

  • Is Virol-Oxy safe to use?

Yes, this product is extremely safe to use.  The powder is inactive and non-toxic.  Only when mixed with water is the solution activated.  At this point, the powder is highly diluted into a 1% solution, and consequentely, still safe enough to wash your vegetables in.

However, as you would do when working with any cleaning materials, you will take the standard precautions to be careful.

  • Keep out of the reach of Children.
  • DO NOT – eat the powder,
  • DO NOT – drink the solution
  • DO NOT – inhale the powder
  • DO NOT – get into your eyes
  • Do you need to use any protective clothing when you mix the Virol-Oxy® solution?

No special protective gear is required if you are mixing small quantities i.e. 1 or 2lt at a time.

However, common sense indicates that you should wear gloves and a mask whenever you mix any chemicals.  The quantity of powder making up a 1 : 100 solution (1% solution), contains such small quantities of chemicals that you do not need to take any additional protection and when the product is in a powdered form, it is inert and is a non-irritant

If you are mixing larger quantities i.e. 10lt at a time, we would suggest you take caution and follow these guidelines:

  • Wear goggles, gloves and a mask
  • Mix the solution in a well-ventilated room.
  • Clean up after you have completed the task.

If you are an industrial user and are required to mix quantities in bulk, then please consult your Health & Safety Officer and ask them to obtain instruction from Virol-Oxy® directly.  Childrens House does not sell this product in the bulk quantities required by industry.

  • Does Virol-Oxy® generate fumes?

No, Virol-Oxy® does not generate fumes.  It does not have a toxic vapour phase.   Therefore, extraction / ventilation equipment is not required.  The only precaution to be taken when using Virol-Oxy® is that you must NOT inhale the powder.  This instruction would go for all chemicals.

  • Can you eat Virol-Oxy?

No, you must not eat the powder.  As with any cleaning materials, caution must be taken.  The powder form of Virol-Oxy must not be inhaled or eaten.

  • Any other precautions to take?

Although Virol-Oxy® is safe, non-toxic and will not irritate your skin, it is always sensible not to touch your eyes or your mouth when you are working with chemicals.

If you are a Bulk User, you will be required to wear protective clothing as dictated by Virol-Oxy® (review point 8 above).

  • How do I mix Virol-Oxy?

 As a small business or householder:  Click here to view a short video clip explaining how to mix this product.

  1. Determine the volume of Virol-Oxy® you need to use.
  2. It is better to mix small quantities more often.
  3. Recommended quantity to be mixed 10 : 100 (1 x 10g sachet mixed with 1lt water).
  4. Wash your hands
  5. Prepare your work area
  6. Assemble the Virol-Oxy®, water, measuring jug, mixing bowl, spray bottle, whisk, a pair of scissors and funnel
  7. Pour 1 litre of water into your mixing bowl
  8. Open the sachet using a pair of scissors
  9. Pour the pink powder into the bowl
  10. Whisk well for a min. of 30 secs to dilute the mix well.
  11. Using the funnel, decant the pink solution into a spray bottle
  12. Spray all items to be disinfected.
  • How do I use Virol-Oxy®?

To clean and disinfect all surfaces:  Click here to view a short video clip

  1. prepare a Virol-Oxy® 1% solution – the volume is determined by the user, but it is better to mix small quantities more often.
  2. apply Virol-Oxy® solution to surfaces using any type of sprayer or pressure washer at an application rate of 300 ml/m2.
  3. allow a minimum contact time of 10 minutes.
  4. leave to dry on the item, or dry with a dry cloth after 10 mins.
  5. your surface will remain disinfected for up to 1 month, even if it is touched.  However, we recommend that items that are touched by many people daily be disinfected every 2 to 3 days.
  6. This is the Titan technology of Self-Cleaning offered by Virol-Oxy®.  This process not only contributes to healthy environments, but also helps on the sustainability front, since they provide cleaner touch points without chlorine or any other toxic chemicals.
  • What is meant by “Self-Cleaning” in Virol-Oxy® ?

The Self-Cleaning advantages of Virol-Oxy® is from nano-coating of Titansorb-P (TiO2) which remains on surfaces after spraying Virol-Oxy® .  The EU testing has proven that the electrons from the nano-coating of Titansorb-P (TiO2) in Virol-Oxy® begin to bond with the atoms on the surface of the product being disinfected as soon as you spray. This bond is extremely tight, and attains the best adhesion after 10 mins.  When a virus, bacteria, fungi or mould spore land on the bonded Virol-Oxy® coated surface, the disinfected surface is still active (for up to 3 months) and will continue to destroy the virus.

  • How do I know when I must re-coat surfaces with Virol-Oxy® ?

The recommended standard is:  the more often a surface is handled by more than one person, the more often it needs to be re-coated.  The EU testing stated that when used externally, re-coat every 3 months, when used internally, re-coat every 1 month.

We recommend that for a school, disinfecting Montessori materials every day with Virol-Oxy® .

  • Could Virol-Oxy® solution be sprayed on surfaces and wiped off immediately with the same effectiveness? e.g. Food & Beverage environment.

A minimum of 30 seconds contact time is all that is required on food, it is still effective. Virol-Oxy® is absolutely safe for Food & Beverage environments.  To achieve the maximum benefits of Virol-Oxy® and TiO2, it is recommended to spray according to our instructions and let the liquid evaporate.  The longer the solution is in contact with the item being disinfected, the longer it will continue to be self-cleaning.

  • Can Virol-Oxy® be used for disinfection tunnels? If yes, then at what concentration?

Yes, Virol-Oxy® can be used as 0.1% concentrated (up to 0.3%) solution for disinfection tunnels to disinfect people.  It will give the best possible results at this concentration. As to our best knowledge this concentrated solution is totally harmless, but it is always recommended to keep eyes closed (protected), while standing in the tunnel for disinfection (this suggestion is for any chemical, not only for Virol-Oxy® ).

  • How do I store the Virol-Oxy® Powder?

Keep out of reach of Children.  Store in a dry, dark cool place.  Keep container sealed and dry.  Containers which are opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage.

The colour of the solution begins to fade after day 1, and it is best stored in the dark, out of reach of children.  Store in a dry, dark cool cupboard.

Virol-Oxy (0.5 % solution): pH = 2.15 (+/- 0.15)

The solution of 1% concentration will not be harmful to materials or surfaces.

Concentration remains at 1% for disinfecting any surfaces.

 No. Once the virus has been deactivated by Virol-Oxy® , it cannot be activated again. Virol-Oxy® is based on a very strong chemistry of radicals, which help in deactivating viruses and destroying many contaminants.

The recommended standard is:  the more often a surface is handled by more than one person, the more often it needs to be re-coated.  The EU testing stated that when used externally, re-coat every 3 months, when used internally, re-coat every 1 month.  Use your discretion, we suggest re-coat everyday for a surface that is handled regularly, or once a week.

Yes.  The effectiveness of Virol-Oxy® is not affected by salt water, however, it is not recommended.

It is important to mix the correct Virol-Oxy® powder to water ration for the job at hand.  Recommended ratio for general disinfectant is 10g powder to 1litre water.  Stir vigorously for 30 seconds.  The expiry date after the Virol-Oxy® is mixed is 10 days.  Discard down the drain after 10 days.  On condition that these instructions are followed, the product is safe for humans.

No, direct consumption of Virol-Oxy® is dangerous.  The powder is not meant to be eaten by humans and animals.

Unused Virol-Oxy® solution can be safely disposed of down sink drains / sewer drains (for example, through kitchen sinks, toilets, etc.).  The Virol-Oxy® will kill all bacteria and viruses in the drains and sewers.  This action will inactivate any activation the excess Virol-Oxy® may still have left in it.

No, it is not advised to contact the lab directly.  The Company do not answer or share any information directly to the third party as per data protection law.  For any questions relating to HygCen documents, kindly feel free to contact us at

It is 3 years from manufacturing date, if stored and handled as recommended in MSDS of the product.

The stability of Virol-Oxy® in 1% solution is stable up to 10 days.

Log reduction is a mathematical term, which used to represent the efficiency of a disinfection and shows relative number of contamination (bacteria, viruses and etc.) that are eliminated/inactivated by a disinfection process.

For example, a 5 log (also represent as log5) reduction means eliminating/inactivating the contaminations by 100,000fold.  Refer to following table for more information. Virol-Oxy can easily achieve log5 or higher reduction, if used as explained in product literature.

Log ReductionRelative Reduction Factor

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