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“Transferring” – all in a Day’s Work

This week I came across a blog about making practical life opportunities "real"; in particular those that relate to transferring. wrote the following blog, and it really resonated with me.

Notes to a Montessori Parent – Offer Tailored Real Life Activities Not Just Practical Life Trays

Otto rinsing the washing laundry at How we Montessori at 25 months UK

Nichole from Radicle Beginnings recently published a series of videos from her toddler class that I found very interesting. It was such a wake up call, a reminder for me about what is possible. The video was of a young child scooping pumpkin seeds out of a pumpkin, the child then washed the seeds, dried them, baked them and served them to friends for snack, this involved six or seven (perhaps more) opportunities for transferring. The video is no longer……..(courtesy of

Childrens House offer a wide variety of activities to fulfill this need to transfer; for example the preparation of water work – ideal Transferring - all in a Day's Workfor every child while also developing their fine motor muscles.  It isn’t always possible for the teacher to make practical life activities “real” considering their restrictions in the classrooms; however, parents who welcome the Child into the kitchen or to assist with general household chores are amazed and pleasantly surprised to see how quickly the Child teaches themselves to be independent!  Don’t let us loose this window of opportunity, welcome it and allow your Child to flourish and show us the way!

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