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The Work of Education
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By Claire

The Work of Education

Averting war is the work of politicians;

establishing peace is the work of education

Education and Peace, pg. 24

Let us celebrate the work of education that has shaped the brave men and women who stand today united, protecting businesses, community centres, schools, hospitals and properties throughout our Nation.

Just when we felt South Africa was on the brink, the true character of Ubuntu came through to pull communities together again.  Showing solidarity.  Demonstrating to not only the politicians, but to the world, that together, we can and will continue to make a difference.

As we look to Mandela Day on Sunday, we remind ourselves that it is not just on this day that we act together, but every day, every action and every deed.

Let us continue the journey with the work of education, establishing peace. Shaping the Child, building morals, teaching skill.  Again, how pertinent Maria’s words:

Courtesy of UN – A Man of Conscience

We must take man himself, take him with patience and confidence, across all the planes of education. We must put everything before him, the school, culture, religion, the world itself. We must help him to develop within himself that which will make him capable of understanding. It is not merely words, it is a labour of education. This will be a preparation for peace – for peace cannot exist without justice and without men endowed with a strong personality and a strong conscience.  – The Citizen of the World, pg. 38

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