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The Weaving Loom
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By Claire

The Weaving Loom

Childrens House presents a new Practical Life activity for you.  Needlework exercises are fantastic for developing small muscles, which are honed during the Practical Life activities for the 3 to 6-year age group. In addition, the Child is learning a skill that dates back to the beginning of civilisation.

“Repetition is the secret of perfection, and this is why the exercises are connected with the common activities of daily life.”
—Maria Montessori, The Discovery of the Child

The repetition of movements when weaving or knitting is soothing and calming for many children (and adults). When needlework activities are introduced to the Practical Life area, it is amazing how much interest is displayed.  Children learn useful skills that improve their concentration and coordination.  This prompts them to think of other activities that encourage them to become independent and successful.

Childrens House realises the importance of these activities and has great pleasure in introducing to you our latest product – The Weaving Loom.

A simple frame that sits on the table, provides the Child with hours of fun.  At the end of their session they have produced a beautiful runner.  This loom comes with a framework of threads already strung across it, together with a grooved bar (also known as a heddle), that raises and lowers individual strands of wool as the Child completes a row of weaving.  2 Separate skittles (threaded with different coloured wool) produce the weaving.  A comb lines up each row of weaving, snuggly fitting each row against the other.

This simple activity provides hours of fun developing focus, concentration and the development of the fine motor muscles.

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