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Toddler beating the xylophone
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By Claire

The Creative Side of the Brain

One of the most rewarding sights, is a Child who instinctively develops a rhythmic sound by shaking, beating or scraping a percussion instrument.  These instruments add excitement and color to any music and can also be identified to sounds in nature, i.e. the crow or the sound of wind in the trees. We may (mistakenly) think that the Child is just making a noise. However, each of these actions; touching, listening, feeling are providing the synapses in the brain with memories, to help develop their stimuli. All of these functions build one upon the other to help develop 2 things, creativity (right brain) and action (left brain). One can not exist without the other.

How do the left / right brain functions develop?

This education begins before birth.  Initially, the Infant listens to the mother’s heart-beat and voice when in the womb.  The brain embeds these early memories in their deepest part of their brain.

By the age of 2 months, the child begins to respond to other sounds and if they have a rattle to grasp, they instinctively shake their arms and focus on the sound that is produced.  Sounds help the Infant to develop their right-hand side of their brain, the creative side.

Why are we so fixated by the left / right hand brain question?  Science proves that the specialized characteristics of the right hemisphere make it the seat of many intangible functions. These touchy-feely abilities are considered desirable in the responsible human being.  Curiosity, synergy, experimentation, metaphoric thinking, playfulness, solution finding, artistry, flexibility, synthesizing and in general, risk taking are just some of the functions of the right-hand side of the brain.  A person with a well-developed, balanced outlook on life are more likely to be opportunistic, future oriented, welcoming of change and able to visualize their capabilities within their environment. 

Creativity is a whole brain function

However, the creativity of the right brain, is dependent upon the left brain. Left brain functions are logical, analytical, quantitative, rational and verbal. Without the left brain, the idea conceptualized by the right brain can not materialize.  Creativity is a whole brain function.  And to think that all started with a simple rattle at birth!

As parents, educators and care-givers, we have a responsibility. Encourage both the development of the creative as well as the logical / analytical in the Child. Let your child have access to all forms of creativity, dressing-up, painting, drawing, play-acting and music as well as the building blocks and puzzles. They will find their own way and choose their preferred method of expression. The development of balance in their lives will help them to be happy and contented; supporting their decisions and actions.

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