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How To Use Child-Size Masterpieces
How To Use Child-Size Masterpieces
Picture of By Claire
By Claire

The Appreciation of Beauty

When the Child is in an environment that they can understand, all is order, in it’s place, quiet and beautiful and they are able to work at their own pace, they are then able to take their experiences to the next level.  How perfect this would be if we could recognise this state and allow them unfettered access to the more cultural aspects of life.

At this stage, the Child will be open to test their creative abilities.  But there is more to this than just painting and playing with play dough, now is the time where an appreciation of what art is and where it comes from and how it has evolved can take place.  I am not suggesting that we subject the Child to dry facts and figures, but rather how to visually recognise and appreciate (through knowledge) the different schools of art and how the artists approached their subject matter.

Thus Childrens House is proud to offer a series of Art Books at  a very reasonable price, that offer a program to develop this appreciation;  How to Use the Child-size Master Pieces for Art Appreciation, lays out the lesson plans, pulling all the varying books together.  There are 6 books in the series from the Easy to the Advanced.

We can also offer paint, brushes, clay, inks, paper, glue – whatever your school requires to supply your art room.

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