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Strict Guidelines to be Adhered to Prior to School Re-Opening
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Strict Guidelines Prior to School Re-Opening

Strict Guidelines to be Adhered to Prior to School Re-Opening

School principals around the country…..

are spendng the month of May coming to terms with the Government requirements that must be in place prior to them opening the doors to their schools again.

Everyone has been turned upside down and inside out with lockdown level 5.  Now that we are experiencing level 4, we don’t want to risk losing the additional benefits gained.  It is possible for this to happen if we do not adhere to the basic requirements. SAMA, the S.A. Montessori Association, has pulled together the criteria for schools to re-open.  The focus is on reducing the number of children and teachers in one area and to make it possible to continue practicing social distancing.

The Education Department has a checklist that must be completed by all school principals.  A delegated official will monitor the school, prior to it opening.  Part of this monitor will be a review of the criteria listed on the checklist.  If the answer to any compulsory requirement (indicated by a red colour) is “No”, the school cannot open.  ALL mandatory requirements must be met and in place prior to the school being given the all-clear to open.

The list below contains some of the most important criteria required.  We do recommend that you read the SAMA document in full. The checklist is at the bottom of the post. In summary, the school is responsible to ensure that:

SA Montessori Association
  • a plan, to enforce the use of hand sanitizer and the wearing of masks, on every teacher, learner and visitor as they enter the gate daily, must be in place.
  • a plan, to screen the temperature of every teacher, learner and visitor entering the school, must be in place.
  • Identify key personnel, who will be responsible to conduct this daily screening and enforcement.
  • Temperature test kits must be available to read and record the temperatures of every teacher, learner and visitor entering the school.
  • The document “Standard operating procedures for the containement. management of CoVid-19 for childcare facilities, schools and school communities” (SOPS), published by the DBE; specifies the Hygiene and Sanitisation Packages that will be available. Please contact Justine or Sharon for this document, if you require it.

Fortunately, we are here to assist you with all that you require to fulfil these standard operating procedures.  Talk to us if you need additional products, not listed. Please contact your representatives:

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