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By Claire

Social Distancing

During the last 2 months, everyone has become accustomed to practicing Social Distancing, also known as “physical distancing”.  Maintain a radius of 2m from the person nearest to you.  This will prevent the spread of a contagious disease.  Another way to practice this intervention is to reduce the number of times you meet another person.  It is not the easiest thing to enforce a 2m distance, without a physical marker.

Our Floor Decals are an excellent way to indicate what 2m look like.  Place decals on the floor wherever people need to wait to enter a building, queue to pay for groceries or (only if it is absolutely unavoidable) to be in a small group of people.

If you wish to add your Company logo onto the decal, we’ll send you the artwork at no extra cost.

  • 30cm in diameter
  • sturdy, water-proof vinyl material
  • bonds well with most smooth surfaces
  • vibrant colours make the decals stand out.
  • you are legally obliged to take precautions similar to this.

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