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World Atlas for Children

Children find it fascinating to investigate where in the world they come from.  This atlas is full of interesting facts and information.  Beautifully illustrated in glorious colours.


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The World Atlas for Children contains the following content:

  • detailed maps of individual continents,
  • opener map for each continent,
  • full-colour photographs,
  • flags of the world,
  • the physical world,
  • business languages and regions,
  • eight major geographical environments,
  • the political world, populations and time zones.


  • 85 pages of detailed, finely-crafted maps and essential facts and figures,
  • 28 pages of simple, country-by-country maps, colour photographs with text and individual country flags.

The concise index within the World Atlas for Children includes a detailed index of place names and 15,500 place names
An easy-to-use World Atlas with Map scales of 1 : 11,500 000 to 35,000 000 and Europe at 1 : 6 000 000

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