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Virol-Oxy® is a revolutionary new disinfectant

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Virol-Oxy® destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds.  This product can be used on virtually every known surface, even clothing.  It does not contain bleach or alcohol and does not produce harmful by-products.  FAQ’s – click here

Disinfects any surface

Can be used as a hand sanitizer – at half the price

Certified by the EU to destroy viruses including Covid-19

Use Virol-Oxy® on all Montessori materials, furniture, tables, glassware, plastic containers, floors, bathrooms and more.

Sold in a powdered form (10g sachet) and mixed at the time of application.  Safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  The powdered form has a shelf life of 3yrs. More effective than HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) when used in a misting or fogging application.

Virol-Oxy® is activated as soon as it is mixed with water.  Mixing the chemicals causes a reaction that bonds them onto the surface being disinfected.  This forms a disinfecting coating on the surface that continues to be active for many days, however, we recommend daily disinfection of Montessori materials as they are used frequently.  The shelf life of the mixed product is 10 days.

Mix small quantities more often.

  1. Decant the mixed, activated Virol-Oxy® into a spray bottle.
  2. Spray all surfaces to coat with the solution.
  3. Leave to stand for 10 mins.
  4. Dry with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel.
  • Certified by the EU as effective in destroying viruses and bacteria (incl. Sars-CoV2 and e.Coli)
  • Cost effective;
    • sold in a powdered form that is prepared on application, half the price of alchohol hand santizier.
  • Easy to mix and use.
    • Recommended use is a 1% solution – 1 sachet (10g) mixed with 1 litre of water, prepares 1 litre of Virol-Oxy®
  • Healthier and safer for everyone, especially children – the only by-products are water and oxygen.

  • Multi-purpose surface disinfectant packaged in 10 x 10g sachets (100g tub).
  • Powder sold in a 1kg Container.
  • Active ingredients:  Potassium Pentasulfate and Hydrogen Peroxide along with Titansorb P, a catalyst.
  • 2 Active free radicals (Sulfate and Hydroxy) are produced which oxidyse the viruses and bacteria.

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  • Bulk orders are discounted and available on request.
  • Free delivery for orders over R750 in SA

Item No:  CHC-VirolOxy


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