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How To Use Child-Size Masterpieces

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The handbook, “How to use Child-Size Masterpieces” is a book that could revolutionise art education.  Designed for those pre-school years when learning (is) sheer pleasure, it fosters an uninhibited sense or order and mastery which could enrich the rest of the young one’s life – review by John McDonald Moore, Art Historian.

This book provides detailed instructions on how to prepare and use the art cards with young children.  There are a series of 6 books of varying degrees of difficulty.

  • STEP 1 – Matching Cards –
    • Easy – 18 x 2 identical images from different sources, allows the young Child to develop a sense of what art appreciation is at the truly visceral level as they match the cards
    • Intermediate – these 18 x 2 images are not necessarily identical in all spheres requiring the Child to view the details more closely to match them.
    • Advanced – 6 x 2 cards which are very similar to each other; requiring an even greater in-depth study to enable the Child to match them.
  • STEP 2 – Pairing Companion Paintings – easy, intermediate and advanced
  • STEP 3 – Grouping 4 Paintings by One Artist – easy, intermediate and advanced
  • STEP 4 – Learning the names of the Artists
  • STEP 5 – Learning the names of Famous Paintings
  • STEP 6 – Learning about the different Schools of Art
  • STEP 7 – Grouping Different Schools of Art – easy, intermediate and advanced
  • STEP 8 – Using a Timeline of Art – “Transportation in America”
  • Addendum – Other forms of art, eg Pre-historic Art, Chinese Art, Post-Impressionism (among others).

This series of art is designed to stimulate children’s understanding and appreciation of art from an artists perspective and not a list of dry facts and dates.  It is hoped that from this introduction, the Child will be encouraged and motivated to take the next steps and to develop their own creative, artistic styles.

Suitable for children of all ages.

Aline D. Wolf, illustrated by Janine S. Wolf.
• 72 pp, 2010 edition

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