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Timeline of the Seasons - Southern Hemisphere

Illustrates the progression of the seasons by month on the backdrop of a timeline.  Each month is portrayed by a picture characteristic of the season.


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In stock


The timeline of the seasons – southern hemisphere, an essential activity in the Montessori preschool.  The year is divided by it’s seasons, and this material displays these changes in the different images for each month.  12 Images provide a sequencing exercise for the Child, describing the seasonal changes, for the southern hemisphere.  This activity forms part of the Montessori curriculum for the 3 to 6 environment.

The following colours represent the timeline of the seasons – southern hemisphere:

  • Summer – Yellow
  • Autumn – Red
  • Winter – Blue
  • Spring – Green

It is important that the classroom has access to both the northern and southern timelines of the season.  Using this resource together with the phases of the moon, they will understand why there is a difference between the 2 hemispheres.


  • Timeline – 176 x 17 cm / (69″ x  17″)
  • 12 x Cards – 10 x 10 cm / (4″ x 4″)
  • Container – 800ml

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