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The Story of Numbers


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The Story of Numbers – Great Cosmic Tales by Maria Montessori.  The narrative is by Petra Braun for young schoolchildren.  The book has 23 pages.

The last of the lessons is the Fifth Great Lesson: The Story of Numbers, also called the History of Mathematics.  This lesson begins with the earliest civilizations, who often only had “one”, “two”, and “more than two” as their numeric system.  It continues with a look at different numbering systems throughout the centuries, culminating in the decimal system that we use today.

This lesson leads to the study of:

  • Mathematics: operations, fractions, decimals, multiples, squares, cubes, percentages, ratio, probability, intro to algebra
  • Numbers: origins of numbers and systems, bases, types of numbers, scientific notation, mathematicians
  • Geometry: congruency, similarity, nomenclature of lines, angles, shapes, solids, measurement, theorems
  • Application: story problems, measurement, estimation, graphs, patterning, rounding, money concepts

The Five Great Lessons that are referenced, are traditionally –

Item code: 523161

23 page narrative by Petra Braun for young schoolchildren

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