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The Pythagoras Board

Generally,  children do not enjoy multiplication, because they have to learn times tables.  This activity goes beyond that and shows you how simple it can be.


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Montessori Multiplication Table
Courtesy Daniel Jutras Ph.D of The Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute

The Pythagoras Board is basically the multiplication times table in visual form. It has the numbers 1-10 going vertical and horizontal on the board. The are 100 number tiles and the child chooses a wooden tile, thinks of a multiplication equation that produces this product, then places the chip in the correct position on the ruled board. There is also a set of cards with multiplication equations for the child to answer and a control chart is included to enable the child to check their own work.

Growing up many of us remember two things about math:

1) that we didn’t like it, and

2) how boring it was to memorize the multiplication tables.


How much would we have benefited from the hands-on nature of the Montessori materials? Plus, being able to focus on the process rather than simply finding the correct answer. By using the Montessori math materials on a everyday basis, children often memorize their math facts without actually setting out to do so.  (




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