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The Montessori Sun Game

A complete set of cards and mat for the Montessori class, explaining how crucial the Sun is to life on Earth for everyone.  A fun activity for groups of children to learn to work together.

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The mesmerizing Sun and beautiful images of all types of flora and fauna, will definitely leave a lasting impression on the Child as they learn to understand how life on earth is reliant on the Sun.


The teacher can do an experiment with the children with 2 plants.

One plant is put in the light and the other is in a dark cupboard.  This demonstrates the need for sunlight.


  • The teacher will lay out the Sun mat with the children, introducing and placing each plant (land and water plants) around the sun.  The mat is large enough for the entire activity.
  • The teacher will name each plant and inform the child about any interesting or relevant information.  Encourage the children to discuss each plant.
  • Discuss the second tier, herbivores, in the same way – explaining how the herbivores need the plants, which need the sun, etc.
  • The third tier consists of the carnivores.
  • The last tier consists of the omnivores, demonstrating how important the Sun is to life on Earth.
  • Use the labels to introduce each card or, on completion of the activity, it can be glued to the back of each card as a reminder for the teacher.
  • The Montessori Sun Game is a versatile teaching tool.


  • 1x Large Sun Mat – 2metre (6 1/2 Feet) in diameter
  • 18 Plant cards: grass, lavender, banana tree, bamboo, grapes on vine, lettuce, water lily, coniferous forest, hibuscus bush, alpine sandwort, seaweed, moss, pickly pear, fern, acacia tree, king protea, reeds, eucalyptus tree
  • 12 Herbivore cards: donkey, camel, snow goose, marine iguana, butterfly, porcupine, grasshopper, rhinoceros, manatee, scorpion, sheep, tortoise
  • 8 Carnivore Cards: Great White Shark, polar bear, golden eagle, lion, crocodile, frog, falcon
  • 5 Omnivore Cards: Human, earthworm, crow, hedgehog, grizzly bear.
  • 43 labels for each of the cards for the Montessori sun game.

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