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The Montessori Pink Reading Series

Sensory phonics using images and words teaches the Child to read.  This is the first set in a 3 part series of guiding the Child through an in-depth understanding of word building and reading.


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In stock


The Montessori pink reading series:

This is the first series in the Montessori literacy curriculum.  This series provides the Child with an in-depth understanding of word building and reading.  This language material activity explores sounds, letters, word building.  Using the large moveable alphabet the Child learns vocabulary; phonetically sounding out the three letter words.

From the ‘I Spy’ sensory phonics game with objects only (the objects are sold separately), to the Pink Box 3 word suggestions;  this activity builds in complexity.  Picture and word cards, pink word lists, phrases and sentences and finally the Child’s first book, the Pink Book are all included in this set.


To gain the full benefit of this pink reading series, we suggest that you use these additional items:

These additional products are sold by Childrens House, but the teacher can substitute similar items s/he may have at hand.

  • Pink Box 1:  we sell these items separately;  27 objects used with the large moveable alphabet letters, to build words.
  • Pink Box 2:  3 boxes with 7 picture cards per box.
    • the Child uses this box with the large moveable alphabet letters and mat.  They break the words into letters using the sounds they hear phonetically.
  • Pink Box 3:  1 box with 27 words.
    • match these 27 words to the objects found in pink box 1.
    • use this item with the large moveable alphabet letters and mat.
  • Pink Box 4:  3 boxes with 7 picture cards and 7 word cards per box.
    • match the word to the picture.
    • this level of reading does not require any additional product items.

The Encoding of 3 Letter, Short Vowel Words:

  • Pink Picture-Word Sheets and Cards:  the objective requires the Child to match the words (in the boxes) to the pictures on the A4 sheet.
    • 5 x A4 control sheets with 8 images per sheet.  Each sheet is in a plastic envelope for display.
      • The cards are stored in a pocket on the plastic envelope while the child works with them.
    • 5 x boxes containing 8 picture cards each, a total of 40 cards.
      • the child transfers the 8 picture cards from a box to the pocket in the relevant plastic envelope
  • Mystery Box:  1 x box with 10 word cards, folded in half.
    • there are no pictures to indicate the meaning of the word.
    • the teacher builds excitement by inviting the child (in a secretive manner), to choose a word and to read it in secret.   The teacher asks them if they wish to share the word with the her.
  • Pink Word Lists:  12 cards with a picture at the header.
    • the picture heading the list represents the first word;  7 similar phonetic words are listed.
  • Article:  1 x box with 6 cards with the letters A, a, An, an, The, the (one word per card).
    • the objective requires the child to use the word card as an introduction to phrases.
  • Sight Words:  1 x box with 3 cards with the letters I, my, this (one word per card).
    • use these sight words at the start of a sentence.
  • Pink Phrases and Sentences Box:  1 x box containing the following:-
    • 6 phrases, each with a control card and a separate picture and phrase.
    • 6 sentences, each with a control card and a separate picture and phrase.
  • Pink Book:  the first book that the child reads.
    • 12 pages with a picture per page.
    • the pages opposite the picture has a sentence describing the action in the picture.

Special Card:

  • non-tear, recyclable card
  • eco-friendly inks used
  • if bent, the card can be straightened using a cool iron
  • a damp cloth will clean any dirty marks off the card without damaging it.
  • do not laminate the card

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