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The Montessori Green Reading Series

The final in the Montessori phonetic reading series, which consists of 33 digraph boxes and envelopes, split into families and extras. This material provides the Child with an in-depth understanding of the use of digraph combinations with alternative spellings.  Constant repetition of the new sounds, through images, words, word building, word lists, booklets and sentences, allowing the Child to grasp the new sounds.  As a bonus, we give you an acrylic stand to hold 1 set of family folders, for free!


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The Montessori Green Reading Series:

The third, and final step, in the Montessori phonetic reading range, continues the work of the pink & blue reading series.  The green series provides the Child with an in-depth understanding of words using digraph combinations.  The Child must learn to recognise the digraph first; then to sound it correctly.  

The Child learns through repetition.  This system is designed on the following format; for each of the individual digraphs found in 9 families and 5 extra groups, follow these steps:

  • match the word to the image, found in the box
  • using the 2 different colour alphabets (Printed Alphabets, sold separately), the Child spells the word seen in the image,
  • the word list contains new words, still repeating the same digraph
  • a booklet of words only,
  • the sentence 
  • uses only words reflecting the digraph being studied.

Work Through each Digraph before moving onto the next one:

Working through each set, the Child absorbs a thorough understanding of the vowel and consonant digraph combinations.  Only through this repetitive use of these vowels / consonant combinations, do they begin to absorb this knowledge and instinctively grasp the sound that the digraphs make.   By mastering digraphs, the Child learns to read a word smoothly, with understanding, (the direct objective).  An indirect objective gained, is the ability to automatically spell a word correctly.

This material provides a total of 33 separate, totally individual, digraphs.  Once the Child works through all 9 families and 5 extra digraph combinations, they can advance on to 14 lists of additional words with unique spelling.  These unique words do not form part of the digraph families.


DIGRAPH. A term in ORTHOGRAPHY for two LETTERS that represent one sound, such as th in this and sh in ashes. If three letters together represent a single sound, they constitute a trigraph, such as tch in catch and sch in schmaltz. When letters form digraphs, they surrender their independent sound values so as to stand as a group for a single phoneme, usually because an alphabet has no letter to serve that purpose. – Courtesy of

Contents of the Montessori Green Reading Series:

Consists of 33 digraph boxes and envelopes, split into families and extras. 

Each family and the extras, have the following:

  • ±3 labelled plastic boxes for each digraph – 7.5 x 7.5 x 3 cm / (3″ x 3″ x 1″)
    • each box contains ±10 beautifully illustrated images and ±10 labels, naming each image, all colour-coded, green
  • an A5 green plastic envelope for each digraph – 24 x 17 cm / (9.5″ x 6.5″), containing:
    • word list of ±10 (different) words, with a header image, at the top of the list, for the first word
    • booklet, with 6 words
    • a sentence that uses only words reflecting the digraph being studied.
  • 1 A6 transparent plastic envelope, for each family or extra 18 x 12.5 cm / (7″ x 5″) containing
    • summary list of each digraph for the family or extra, plus 1 word for each digraph
    • 3 lists of 6 words; each list is for a different digraph
  • Bonus!  1 acrylic stand to hold 1 family of 4 x A5 green plastic envelopes and 1 x A6 transparent plastic envelope – 21 x 14 x 8 cm / (8″ x 5.5″ x 3″)

The acrylic stands are sold separately.  We recommend that you purchase 8 additional acrylic stands to display the Montessori Green Reading Series in full, on your shelves.

Note:  the different combinations of digraphs in each family, all make the same sound, for that family.

  • 1st Family:  a-e, ai, ay,
  • 2nd Family:  ee, ea, y,
  • 3rd Family:  ie, i-e, y, igh,
  • 4th Family:  o-e, oa, oe,
  • 5th Family:  oo, u-e, ue, ew,
  • 6th Family:  aw, au, al, or,
  • 7th Family:  ir, ur, er,
  • 8th Family:  ou, ow,
  • 9th Family:  oi, oy,
  • 1st Extra:  sh,
  • 2nd Extra:  ch,
  • 3rd Extra:  th,
  • 4th Extra:  ar,
  • 5th Extra:  00,

A bonus of 14 extra lists of words, with unique spellings, that do not form part of the diagraph families.  These lists are sold in a clear envelope.  This provides additional practice work for the Child.

Qualities of the card material are,

  • the images are vibrantly coloured, high-definition images of real items
  • the illustrations are very beautiful and will attract the Child to review them again, and again
  • printed with eco-friendly ink on non-tear, recyclable card
  • wipe cards clean with a damp cloth; no lamination required
  • delivered in a plastic envelope for storing on the shelves
  • additional acrylic display stands are available separately

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