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The Formation Of Man

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The Formation Of Man raises a question concerning mankind as a whole.  “How can we expect to change the adult-man, if we do not, at first, focus on the Child”.

Dr. Maria Montessori ‘s scientific training and experiences were exceptionally broad-based and remain, even today, quite unique among educationists.  Thus, her writings are more than qualified to answer this quandary.

The Montessori Method itself covers the whole development of man from birth to adulthood.  Its application among all social classes, cultures and creeds on all the five continents, provided her with a uniquely vast field of experimentation and with confirmation of the validity of her discoveries.  These were endorsed by the Director-General of UNICEF.

Her works have assumed a social movement based upon the Child as a personality of immense value for social and human uplift.  The most important contribution she makes is that we cannot solve social ills and moral failings if we only focus on man-the-adult and not include the Child.  It is the Child that will determine the Man.

First printed in 1955, the book includes a chapter on world illiteracy, as it is a problem of grave magnitude, even today.

Kalakshetra: 137 pp, hard cover, 2010 edition

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