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The Binomial Cube

This product is aimed at children of all ages.  In the pre-school environment, they will not understand the concept of an equation, but they are perfectly capable of learning how to build the cube correctly.


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The Binomial Cube is a concrete representation of the algebraic formula (a + b)³. The colour coded blocks are  different sizes to represent the algebraic Binomial formula.

The purpose, for the preschooler, is not to teach maths but to challenge the child to find patterns and spatial relationships. It is best to think of these as three-dimensional puzzles.  Indirectly, the Child is being prepared for mathematics.

When the Child enters the 6 to 9 environment the indirect purpose becomes the direct purpose and they start the exciting journey into algebra.


  • aimed at all the environments
  • initially, a form of puzzle and to imprint the spatial and muscle memory
  • used to explore algebraic equations in the elementary class
  • a self-correcting exercise
  • beautifully crafted from Beech wood
  • Stored on the shelf in a hinged Beech wood box with a lid.

 The Binomial Cube by Catherine McTamaney

The Binomial Cube

Algebra? In preschool? Why not? As a field of mathematics, algebra addresses concepts that apply regardless of the individual quantities involved.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 9 cm


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