Table of Pythagoras - Sensorial Decanomial

Using this material, the Table of Pythagoras, the child places the squares and rectangles in order by size and color to complete the square of the decanomial.  The main purpose of this activity is to help children learn how to discriminate size, shape and colour.  It is also preparation for mathematics.

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Montessori students learn through a hands on approach.  Students first touch materials and manipulate numbers and then are led to study the abstract.

This table is used in conjunction with the Montessori Pythagoras Board as a tool in Elementary classes.  Students learn their multiplication facts or times tables using this material.

The material consists of a 10 compartment beech wood box for storing the sets of color-coded wooden mdf squares and rectangles.

Math and the Elementary Mind –

November 1, 2018|Catherine McTamaney

If you think of the window of development between birth and age six as marked by the construction of labels for files in a cognitive file cabinet, the period between six and twelve is when children fill up those files. Children now are interested in learning to master the procedures of mathematical operations, to strengthen their understanding of the concepts on which those operations are based and to gain fluency………(read more)



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