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South African Heritage Activity Set

You can’t know where you are going, if you don’t know where you come from.  We all have a heritage;  that indefinable feeling that gives us our unique inherited sense of identity. This set comes with a free stand, over 200 question task cards directly related to our Heritage symbols and stored in a transparent plastic A4 envelope.


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We all have a heritage;  that indefinable feeling that gives us our unique inherited sense of identity.  Heritage comes from our values, traditions, culture and artifacts, handed down through our families’ generations.  The South African Heritage Activity Set, aims to give children an understanding of what their diverse South African ‘family’ heritage means.  This is absorbed through their invisible links to the diverse population who make up their South African family.

This activity set incorporates many varied activities across various learning areas.  9 Header cards identify the learning areas.  Two of the learning areas, the Map of South Africa and Culture are discussed with the teacher directly in class, using prompts (culture) and either an atlas, map or globe.

The Header Cards:

CH-COA – Coat of Arms CH-F – South African Flag CH-M – Map of South Africa
CH-C – Culture CH-S – Springbok CH-BC – Blue Crane
CH-G – Galjoen CH-KP – King Protea CH-RY – Real Yellowwood

Command Task Cards:

For all header cards, except those of Culture and the Map of South Africa, there are 28 task cards.  Each task card poses a question or two that requires;

  • research
  • reflection
  • discussion

either as an individual or in a group, without the teacher.  At a pre-determined date, the individual or group presents their findings to the teacher and the class.

3-Part Cards a.k.a. Classified Cards:

  • 3 to 6 year old children use the classified cards to learn the names of the subject matter and to  match images and labels to the control cards.
  • 5 Control Cards, image (mute) cards and labels

How to use the South African Heritage Activity Set:

  1. Before the child/ren take a stand displaying their tasks, it is advisable that the teacher encourages something along the lines of;
    • encouraging them to reflect and discuss what heritage means to them personally.
    • ask the child/ren to name the three things that they love about South Africa and why?
    • generate discussions in the class about the diverse cultures in South Africa and what makes them different, i.e. artifacts, clothing, language or food
    • with the aid of a map, atlas or globes, talk to children about the different regions of South Africa and how South Africa fits into Africa and its global society.
    • discuss the subject matter of the other 7 header cards with the children in the 6 to 12 environment or
    • the classified cards, which are aimed at the 3 to 6 year olds who are learning to name images and to match the labels to the images
  2. Keeping in mind the age group of the children the teacher is working with, she removes unsuitable command task cards.
    • remember, the command task card questions range over 6 to 12 years of age.
    • the teacher inserts the selected header card onto the header holder of the display stand
    • the selected command task card questions are slipped into the slots of the display stand
  3. Each child or group of children, collect a stand that has been specifically curated for their needs, or age requirements.
  4. The child/ren works through the command task cards on their display stand, developing their learnings in a project form.
  5. Ideally, after a week or so, each child/ren will be ready to present their subject to the rest of their peers.
  6. The final step, the teacher encourages further discussion.  Children are asked about their new understandinga about heritage and what it means to all.


This product includes a free display stand.




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