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Small Medium and Large

Between the ages of 3 and 4, children are ready to learn the concept of size.  These 30 cards illustrate the abstract form of the item pictured.  This develops the Child’s understanding of the words small, medium and large.


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In stock


10 Sets of 3 cards each, displaying small, medium and large images of everyday items.  The items illustrated in each set are identical in all respects except that of size.  The direct objective is for the Child to understand and be able to visually discriminate between size.  The indirect objective, that of developing the basic forms of numeracy and literacy skills.

One of the most important sensitive periods for a child is between the ages of two and four, when s/he needs order in the environment.  During this stage, children instinctively  want to sort things to bring them into order.  They begin to solve problems, i.e. matching colours, learning to count, etc.  Visual discrimination, the next step, helps your child see differences in the size of objects that are the same or similar.  This activity also introduces vocabulary.  By understanding the difference between small, medium and large, initially with concrete material, e.g. beads or blocks and then moving onto images on cards, children begin to (subconsciously) understand how and why math is useful.

The vibrant images are printed on non-tear paper with the following features:

  • recyclable non tear paper
  • we only use eco-friendly inks
  • no lamination required
  • wipe the paper clean with a damp cloth, if the card gets dirty
  • creases can be ironed out with a cool iron.

Size:  10 x 9 cm / (4″ x 3.5″)

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 4 cm


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