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Small Bead Frame Activity Set

This activity set is an extension to the Montessori small bead frame.  Use these activity cards to practice your arithmetic.  The small bead frame in the illustration is sold separately.

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The Small Bead Frame Activity Set is an extension to the Small Bead Frame.  Designed to reinforce lessons a child has had on the two operations previously.  These activities help the Child transition from a semi-abstract to a more abstract understanding of the decimal system.  The colours of the beads clarify the place value, and show the relationship between these values in the decimal system.  By moving their fingers as they count the beads, children have time to think through the maths operations, embedding the concepts of place value in the minds of the children.

The cards contain prepared equations in addition and subtraction sums.  Working through the exercises, improves the children’s confidence and understanding of the concepts.  The answers are on the back of each card, enabling the Child to self-check themselves or, if working in a group, check each others’ work.

The cards for the small bead frame activity set are displayed in an acrylic stand, stored on the Montessori shelves.

N.B. The small bead frame in the illustration, sold separately.

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