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The Short Phonetic Reading Series (Pink) material is usually referred to as the “Pink”; also known as the short phonetic series. The emphasis here is introducing children to words that are constructed from three letters or less which contain short vowel sounds.

Please note the following – Very Important Information:

The objects used with the Short Phonetic Reading Series (Pink) are available separately under Item No. EC0660 – Pink Objects – Short Phonetic Reading Series.  The objects and containers used in the images linked to the product EC0660 are purely for illustration purposes only.  The One Word Phonetic Readers are sold separately under Item No. EC0661.

Students explore the beginning and ending sounds of words as well. This series contains six main sections with each section having the following sets of materials:

  • Beginning Decoding of three-letter, short vowel words:
    • Object word building (5 groups, one for each: a, e, i, o, u)
    • Picture word building (5 groups, one for each: a, e, i, o, u)
    • Three Part Card Matching (10 three part card pictures for each vowel sound)
  • Beginning Encoding of three-letter, short vowel words:
    • One page book (EC0661 – 30 books emphasizing word/picture association are sold separately)
    • Object/ label matching (15 objects – 3 for each vowel with corresponding labels are sold separately)
    • Picture/Word Matching (12 pictures for each vowel sound for a total of 6 packets of 10 picture/label matching)
    • Puzzle Pictures (60 pictures with 12 pictures of each vowel sound)
  • Encoding of three letters, short vowel words:
    • Middle Vowel Sorting Activity (45 frames containing a picture and the beginning and ending sound corresponding to that sound)
    • Word Lists (42 word lists)
    • Middle Vowel Substitution (15 frames with each frame containing 2 words)
  • Reading three-letter, short vowel words for meaning:
    • Word/Not a Word (Sorting Work)
    • Phrases to Objects (6 sets of phrase cards with corresponding objects – sold separately as EC0660)
  • Reading secret three-letter, short vowel words (adjectives and verbs) for meaning:
    • Secret Words (32 words for verbs; 12 words for adjectives)
  • Reading phrases and sentences with three-letter, short vowel words for meaning:
    • Matching Phrases and sentences to pictures (4 sets with 6 sentences that match 6 pictures in each set)
    • Commands (8 command cards)
    • Books (5 story books with three letter short vowel words and sight words)

This set of materials comes ready to be used in the classroom. All cards are cut and corners rounded.

Item Number:  EC0660A

The Pink Series by Catherine McTamaney

 Legend has it that, when Dr. Montessori sought to translate her original design for reading materials from phonetic Italian to the much less predictable English, she engaged two of her English students, Margaret Humphrees and Phoebe Childs, to create a system…

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