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Season Timeline – Italian

Each month is portrayed by an image, that reflects the season. As time evolves children can map the changes of the season, through these images.

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This product; the Season Timeline in Italian; is an essential activity for every Montessori pre-school, that features the Italian language in their curriculum.  Seasons divide the year, and are marked by changes in weather, ecology, and the amount of daylight every month.  As with any traditional Montessori material, the Child gains knowledge of more than just one subject.  This activity indirectly provides the building blocks for mathematics, language, geography, time and culture.

“A child, who more than anyone else is a spontaneous observer of nature, certainly needs to have at his disposal material upon which he can work.”
—Maria Montessori – Discovery of the Child

The Features of the Season Timeline – Italian:

  • the direct objective, for the Child is;
    • to name each season and each month of the year, in sequential order
  • indirectly, the Child will;
    • learn to categorize the year by various events
    • develop sequencing and matching skills
    • be introduced to time
  • forms part of the traditional  Montessori curriculum for the early learner
  • use this product in conjunction with the Birthday Circle to help the Child understand the passing of time

The Contents of the Season Timeline – Italian:

  • 12 images to sequence each month of the year
  • 4 header labels, for each season
  • a long mat with 12 divisions, 4 colour-coded groups of 3 divisions each
  • each image represents the season that the month falls in.
  • an ideal activity for the 3 to 6 class.

The following colours represent the seasons of the Northern Hemisphere for the season timeline in Italian:

  • Summer – Yellow
  • Autumn – Red
  • Winter – Blue
  • Spring – Green


It is important that the classroom has access to both the timelines of the seasons for the northern, and southern hemisphere.  Using this resource; together with the phases of the moon; they will begin to grasp the differences between the 2 hemispheres.


  • a washable mat – 160cm x 17cm / (63″ x 6¾”)
  • 12 x cards – 10.5cm x 10.5cm / (4″ x 4″)
  • 4 colour-coded header labels, describing the season in Italian
  • stored in a clear plastic container with lid – 25.5cm x 14.5cm x 4.5cm / (10″ x 6″ x 1¾”)
  • Wash separately
  • Use normal washing powder
  • Do not use softener
  • Lukewarm washing temperature
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Normal iron if required

Language Options:

  • Available in German, French, Spanish & English


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