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The Power of 2 Cubes


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In stock


This material demonstrates the Power Of 2 Cubes by its component parts of cubes and prisms.  Each a progression of squaring the previous piece. It is contained in a hinged wooden box with lid.

The focus in Montessori math education is not on getting the right answer, but rather on the process of how an answer is reached and what is discovered along the way. Children who have worked sensorially with the Binomial and Trinomial Cubes in the primary classroom can discover, as elementary students, the algebraic formula for finding the volume of those cubes. Imagine sitting for your SAT test and seeing the Trinomial Cube in your mind, rather than hoping to recall a memorized formula!

Item Number – CHM0268


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Weight 0.73 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 cm


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