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Parts of a Grasshopper Activity

This activity, not only teaches the Child the correct nomenclature for the parts of the grasshopper, but also provides interesting facts that will fascinate children.  This product follows on from the life cycle of a grasshopper, which is used in conjunction with the objects of a grasshopper.


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A grasshopper does not actually ‘jump’.  What they do is use their legs as a catapult.  Grasshoppers can both jump; and fly; reaching speeds of 12.8km per hour / (8mph) when flying.  When grasshoppers are in high density areas; affected by environmental changes; they begin to swarm together, and this is when they become known collecively as locusts.

There are over 18,000 species across 6 of the 7 continents. According to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, individual species can produce up to seven distinct types of silk, each with a specialised function.

Based upon the Montessori zoological curriculum, grasshoppers belong to the Arthropoda phylum, and the material is colour-coded with a yellow border around each card.  Combining the simplicity of a 3-part cards set, a booklet; that comprehensively covers detailed descriptions about grasshoppers; and definition cards.  It is aimed at both the 3 to 6, and the 6 to 9 environments.

Examples of the Word Cards describing the Parts of a Grasshopper Activity:

chelicerae pedipalps spinnerets
legs cephalothorax eyes

Features of the Parts of a Grasshopper Activity:

  • the direct objectives of this material, are for the Child to;
    • learn about the different parts of the grasshopper
    • develop their understanding of the definition of these parts
  • indirectly, the Child;
    • improves their vocabulary skills
    • develops reading skills
    • receives an introduction to zoology
  • curriculum support material; aligned to the Montessori language and zoology curricula
  • this product follows that of the life cycle of a grasshopper activity, which is used in conjunction with the life-cycle of a grasshopper objects

Contents of the Parts of a Grasshopper Activity:

  • an 18-page booklet, providing an overview of the activity
    • an illustration of the part under discussion is on one page
    • the opposite page has a brief description, and definition of that illustration
  • 9 sets of 3-part cards, each set has a control, a mute and label card
  • 9 sets of definition cards, each set has:
    • 1 card, with a complete definition,
    • 2nd card with a redacted word that the Child must answer
  • sold in a transparent, plastic A6 envelope


  • Booklet – 9.5cm x 9.5cm / (3¾” x 3¾”)
  • Definition Cards – 8cm x 8cm / (3″  3″)
  • Control Card – 13.5cm x 9cm / (5¼” x 3½”)
  • Plastic Envelope –  18cm x 13cm x 1.5cm / (7″ x 5″ x ¾”)
  • No lamination required
  • Non-tear and scratch proof
  • Printed with Eco-friendly inks
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth

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Weight 0.140 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 1.5 cm

Continent 3 Part Cards


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There are no reviews yet.

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