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Nelson Mandela – Level 3 Reader

When children are reading on their own, with ease, they will enjoy the National Geographic level 3 books, for the fluent reader.  This level of reader will offer more challenging vocabulary, and varied sentence structures, to enhance the child’s enjoyment of reading and learning.

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How does reading the Nelson Mandela book, help the child?

Introduce children to the wonderful world of biographies.  Nelson Mandela, an amazing South African leader, led a very difficult life.  He believed all people must be treated the same.  Regardless of their looks, where they lived, or their wealth.

This story will open children’s eyes to the struggles, and rewards that he achieved, in his lifetime.  He even survived 27 years in prison, for protesting against injustice.  Children will get the opportunity to imagine living someone else’s life, experiencing their upsets, pains and struggles.

Cultivate Your Child’s Reading Proficiency

Research has proven how informational reading is critical to help children succeed at school.  National Geographic created their super readers program, specifically to fill this need.  These readers provide factual information in a fun, colorful, and informative manner, ensuring that children will learn interesting facts about specific subjects, as they read.  For the first time, they will begin to inhabit other worlds, using their imagination to step into other people’s shoes.

Goals for children reading Animals That Change Color a Level 2 Reader

  • the primary aim, is for the child to practice reading, with comprehension
  • they will gain some other skills in the process;
    • broaden their vocabulary;
    • and they will possibly;
      • have empathic feelings, imagining how other people live
      • understand what makes a leader
      • develop a respect for the struggles other people face
    • answer quizzes and learn how your new information will impress your parents
    • a glossary of terms, helps children remember the more complex words
    • gain self-esteem and confidence

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Dimensions of the Book

  • 23cm x 15cm x 0.02cm / (9″ x 6″ x ¼”)
  • 48 pages, beautifully illustrated

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Further Reading and Resources

  1. Nelson Mandela believed that education was the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world



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