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Montessori School: A Typical Day

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Parents so often ask, “What do our children do during a typical school day at their Montessori School?”, The Montessori School: A Typical Day by Kathleen Futrell answers the basic questions for parents and allows them to understand the ‘preparation for life’ their children experience in a Montessori school.

“A Montessori classroom is child-centered.  The guide (a Montessori teacher or Directress), is the link to the materials.  Once the child has received a lesson in the use of a particular material, he or she may take it off the shelf as often as they like.  Lessons are generally given one-on-one, but sometimes in small groups.  With the accumulation of lessons, the child has many choices.” excerpt from The Primary Class (3 to 6) Montessori School: A Typical Day.

This book illustrates the step-by-step day for each class in a sympathetic and easily understood manner, allowing the parent a glimpse of what their child experiences and how they are allowed to experience the material at their own speed.

Originally written for parents at The Aquinas Montessori Children’s House in Virginia.
• 31 pp, soft cover, 2005 edition

Item No:  539200

Concentration in the Second Plane: 6-12            May 2, 2019|Catherine McTamaney

1. Preserving a child-centered pace of the classroom: Because Montessori classrooms are not bound by specific windows for academic outcomes and offer a longer period of time for children-directed work, the classrooms often feel like they’re operating at a more leisurely pace. The small opportunities, then, for interactions between children have time to take seed. A child who is struggling………..

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