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Metal Fraction Circles with Stands

The colourful metal fraction circles are very attractive.  They entice children to play with them.  Investigating what can be done with fractions.


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Introduce the Child to the concept of fractions using the Metal Fraction Circles with Stands.  This activity teaches:

  • the correct terminology
  • concept of equivalence
  • arithmetic functions
  • measurements of angles
  • conversion to decimals.

You need a three-period lesson to complete the work.  After the Child is comfortable with:

  • the sensorial,
  • naming convention and
  • understanding the concept of equivalence.

The teacher begins the more complex next steps;  arithmetic functions, angles and decimals.


  • 2 solid Beech wood stands
  • 10 metal green frames each with a circular red inset
    • one inset is whole,
    • all other insets have divisions of equal parts,
  • each inset part has a knob

Children love working with these metal fraction circles.  The fractions are didactically accurate and allow the child to trace the angles.


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