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Mat for Bead Chains of 1000

This product is for the 3 to 6; and elementary classes; as they investigate various methods of calculations using the 1000 golden bead chain, bead squares, and printed arrows.  The mat keeps the beads snugly in place, preventing them from rolling around as the Child works with them.

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In stock

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One of the earliest skills the Montessori Child learns, is that of sequencing.  By learning to sequence, the Child develops the ability to understand; and arrange purposeful patterns of actions; behaviours, ideas or thoughts.  By learning to count, the Child begins with a concrete product; such as the golden beads; before taking things to the next level, that of abstract numbers.

The mat for bead chains of 1000, is an essential resource in this process.  It is long enough to accommodate one hundred bead chains; of ten golden beads each; in one unbroken chain.  The mat can also be used for the other longer bead chains from the bead cabinet.  Working independently, the Child lays the mat on the classroom floor; or down a long passage; and then they lay the bead chains on top.  They then use printed arrows to count off the number of units that they are working with, and mark the divisions.

Features of the Mat for Bead Chains of 1000:

  • assists the Child to keep the beads from rolling around
  • delineates the space for the Child to work within
  • indirectly, this material assists the Child to maintain a sense of order
  • curriculum support material, aligned to the Montessori mathematics curriculum

Contents of the Mat for Bead Chains of 1000:

  • a long, narrow mat made from dark grey serge, with rounded corners
  • store the material by rolling it up
  • this material is washable
  • the material has a nap, which prevents the bead chains from rolling around

The bead chains; in the illustrations; are sold separately.

Size:   1000cm x 22cm / (393¾” x 8½”)

Additional information

Weight 0.840 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 22 × 10 cm


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There are no reviews yet.

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