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Marog Spinach Seeds

A packet of Marog spinach seeds.  This spinach is also known as the African or amaranth spinach.  Marog refers to a group of at least three different dark green leafy vegetables (cowpea, vegetable amaranth, or spider flower) that is traditionally eaten by South Africans.  It is easy to grow and will delight children.


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Why should the Child plant their own spinach seeds, when you could give them ready to plant seedlings?  Young children do not have the instinctive understanding of where food or plants come from.  Montessori teachings take the Child through the Cosmic World and as we allow them to explore the great outdoors; this is the next logical step to explain how food lands up on our plates.  Give children the knowledge and pleasure of sprouting the seed, then planting it in a small pot, re-planting it into the garden, watching and nurturing it grow until it produces fruit.  Finally, they harvest their fruit and serve it at lunch-time.


Best Months to Plant Spinach in South Africa and Important Information
Lowveld (frost-free areas) Feb to May
Middleveld (moderate areas) Sept to Dec
Highveld (cold areas) Oct to Nov
Western Cape (Mediterranean areas) Oct to Dec
Direct Sun Full / partial
Spinach grows best with an average night temperature 8° –  12°
Average Germination Time 7 – 14 Days
Sowing Method Start in Pots / Trays or Sow directly in the garden
Planting Distance Between Rows 45 to 50 cm
Planting Distance Between Seedlings 10 to 15 cm
This is a fast growing plant. Do not remove the full plant when harvesting, cut required number of leaves to 5cm above the base.  The leaves will re-propagate.  Suitable for growing as a pot-plant.
How often to water Daily – important to keep the soil moist, but do not over-water
Where to water Water the soil around the plant
Days To Flowering (flowers produce the fruit) n/a
Days To Fruiting n/a
Days To Harvesting from seedling 4 to 6 weeks
Grow In Frost-free areas Recommended

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