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Life Cycle of a Grasshopper Activity

The grasshopper’s auditory organs are found not on the head, but rather, on the abdomen. A pair of membranes that vibrate in response to sound waves are located one on either side of the first abdominal segment, tucked under the wings.


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In stock


The Life Cycle of a Grasshopper Activity describes how this insect’s lifecycle, known as an incomplete metamorphosis.   The female lays fertilised eggs in the soil in a pod. Up to 10 months later, nymphs hatch from the eggs.  As they grow into a juvenile grasshopper, they moult their exoskeleton, until they mature into adults.

This unique material takes the Child from the verbal story; developing the sensorial (concrete) understanding of the material with the objects; to the abstract.  The incorporation of images and labels helps develop the Child’s reading skills.  Colour-coded material, coded according to the Montessori Animal Kingdom.  The grasshoppers are invertebrates, and coded beige.

Contents of Life Cycle of a Grasshopper Activity:

  • 1 x control chart
  • 1st working chart called the labelled object working chart, use with the objects, (which are sold separately).
  • 2nd working chart called the unlabeled working chart, use with the image and labels.
  • replace the objects with the 4 small images.  When ready, add the 4 labels onto the unlabeled working chart.
  • the Child matches the real image of each life cycle of the grasshopper, to the labeled image on the 4 activity cards.
  • 1 set of 3-part cards, classifying the nomenclature for the very young child.
  • 4 Definition cards with:
    • a control card,
    • a card with an incomplete phrase
    • labels to complete the phrase.
  • All contents are stored in a 4 plastic envelope.

The teacher can also use the definition cards as an aid as s/he tells the story of the life cycle of a grasshopper activity to very young children.

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