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Large Plant Markers

Gardening helps children to understand the circle of life.  It also develops self-reliance, independence, and improves self-esteem.  Using these markers will prevent confusion as to who plants which vegetable, and allows children to track the progress of the plants under their control.

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Why should I use the Large Plant Markers?

It is a great idea to use these Large Plant Markers to label your plants;

  • children want to track the progress of their plants, and these markers will prevent; UFO’s (Unidentified Food Objects); in their garden
  • they are still learning to identify plants or save seeds for next year
  • children are sharing a garden.  It is always a good idea to let them mark their own section with a label
  • it is easy to forget the bulbs, which grow under the soil

Features of the Large Plant Marker

  • to name the fruit or vegetable planted
  • they are made from strong, sturdy plastic
  • any felt tipped pen can be used to write on the marker; but if you want to erase the marker, make sure you do not use a permanent marker
  • the text lasts for a long time, and stays on, even in rough weather


  • the label is 13cm x 9cm / ( 5″ x 3½” )
  • the overall height is 42cm / ( 16½” )

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Further Reading and Resources

  1. Montessori Gardening for Kids! a useful article written by Montessori Kids
  2. How Montessori Gardening Helps Child Development, a blog written by La Prima

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Dimensions 42 × 13 × 0.1 cm


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There are no reviews yet.

Be the first to review “Large Plant Markers”

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