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Giant Trinomial Cube

The trinomial cubes (working with cube roots) is one of the most striking examples of how Montessori uses geometry to illustrate, lead to an understanding and explains complex mathematical calculations to children.

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The Giant Trinomial Cube epitomizes the three-dimensional and multi-sensory aspect of the Montessori materials.  Children gain knowledge and independence from the richness of the learning experience.  This occurs when the materials are didactically accurate and a number of senses engaged.

The material, sturdy P.U. leather (a synthetic leather) covers each giant trinomial cube.  High density foam forms each cube, square and rectangle.  The end result is a perfect match to the original product and the colors match exactly.  A zip on the edge of every cube, allows you to remove the foam block, to clean the leather.  The stitching is of excellent quality.

To retain the accuracy of  the product was quite a task.  We kept the original geometric formula, (a+b+c)³, extrapolating each shape to 18 times it’s original size.  The end result is an activity that can be shared with the whole class, bringing the exercise to life.  As the children manipulate the various shapes to make a cube, they discover how much more they can discover from the collaborative learning required to put the cube together.  This makes learning with materials so much more effective than textbook-base learning.

“ Whereas most of us had to memorize mathematical formulas, eventually solving the problems we faced, children who grow up with Montessori, will understand the problem, before they are faced with the formula.”  Bobby George from Baandek Montessori




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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 212 × 53.5 × 88.8 cm


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