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The Geometric Cabinet

The insets in The Geometric Cabinet has many uses, for the preschool, junior and secondary elementary environments.


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The Geometric Cabinet introduces the plane geometric shapes to the child.  This cabinet contains six drawers of flat wooden insets portraying different types of:

  • triangles
  • rectangles
  • polygons
  • circles
  • irregular four-sided and curved figures

Each inset has a little knob by which the child can move it in and out of its wooden frame.

Initially, the 3 year old uses the shapes as if they were a puzzle.  Then they match the insets to the geometric cards, an extension to the geometric cabinet.  Finally, they make the transition from a solid form to a shape outlined with a pencil;  preparatory to recognizing the different shapes of written letters and numerals. Finally, they are used to calculate geometry.


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Weight 9.36 kg
Dimensions 52.5 × 37.5 × 30.0 cm


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