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Decimal Stamp Game


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In stock


The Decimal Stamp Game consists of number tiles which are printed with decimal fractions from 1 – 0.000009.

These tiles are used for recognizing and labeling decimal number combinations and addition, subtraction and multiplication with decimal numbers. Separate exercises are available on the decimal fraction activity set.

Item Number – 018301

Math and the Elementary MindNovember 1, 2018|Catherine McTamaney

……………. of course, you’ll see all of these experiences demonstrated in applied, practical ways, driven by the real needs of the classroom. Children who are interested in building more hiking paths on their campus will need to understand geometry and measurement in order to design those paths. Children who want to create new spaces for learning in their classroom will need to demonstrate spatial reasoning and physics. Children who want to finance a long-sought class trip need basic numeracy and budgeting skills. The elementary classrooms move between the real-life, socially-conscious experiences that motivate children at this age and the skills they need to make them happen.

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