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Crow Sounder

The Crow Sounder


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SKU: CHX0652

In stock


The Crow Sounder is part of the percussion instruments found in an orchestra.  Made from wood, the striker is used to be pulled down, over the ridges of the block, providing a sound like a crow crying. The block is slit on both ends which allows for the differentiation in the tone. 

This instrument is similar in looks to the Tick Tock Block, but sounds very different.  The block of the Tick Tock Block is smooth, unlike the Crow Sounder which is grooved horizontally to make the distinctive crow sound.

Listen to the sound CHX0652-CrowSounder-Striker-v2


  • Instrument is a total of 19cm in length – made from beech wood
  • Block – 10cm in length and 4cm∅ with a 6cm slit on opposite sides of the tube.
  • Handle – 9cm in length and 2.5cm∅

Item No.: CHX0652

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Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 19 × 6 × 5 cm


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