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The Cricket Puzzle

The Cricket Puzzle consists of 9 pieces representing the parts of a cricket insect.


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Did you know that crickets are natural predators in the garden?  They eat aphids and other small pests.  Children are fascinated to discover this type of information and this puzzle can generate a lot of interest.

Listen to the chirp of a cricket.  This cricket puzzle will show you that the sounds (called stridulating) are actually created from the crickets’ wing.  The upper wing is covered with teeth-like ridges.  When the upper wing is rubbed against the lower wind, the sound is generated.  Because crickets prefer warmer weather, they chirp more often and louder during the summer months.

This is the type of interesting information that children love to learn about.  As they make they make the puzzle, encourage them to think about who or what crickets are and what are they eat and where they live and sleep.

The Wasp Puzzle is one of a range of wooden pegged puzzles.  Realistically illustrated and very detailed, the puzzle illustrates the different component parts of an Insect.

The knobs on the individual puzzle pieces enable the child to lift the various pieces to complete the wasp.  This action helps to develop the pincer grip.

Features of the Puzzle

  • the direct objectives, for the Child are;
    • to understand the key parts of a cricket
    • improve their hand-eye coordination and their fine motor skills
  • indirectly, the Child can;
    • develop problem solving (cognitive) skills
    • encourage an interest in the world around us
    • improve their manipulative skills
    • lay a sound foundation to improve their focus and concentration
  • this activity is a great support for the Montessori zoology curriculum

Contents and Size

A birchply puzzle in a frame

24cm x 24cm x 0.5cm

(9½” x 9½ x ¼”)

One of the attractions to the Montessori Method is the extensive use of wood.

We use several types of wood, sourced from renewable sources, in the production of our Montessori Materials.

  • Solid beechwood for cylinder blocks, pink towers, dressing frames and brown stairs.
  • Birchply for trays, holders and animal and botany puzzles.
  • MDF for puzzle maps
  • Pineply for boxes and containers


We ensure that the coatings and inks used are not only eco-friendly, but also non-toxic.

Our wooden products are manufactured by responsible partner factories both locally and abroad and ensure that fair labour practices are adopted.

Care instructions for Childrens House Wooden Materials:

  • If wooden products are exposed to liquids, wipe dry as quickly as possible.
  • Most of the surfaces can be wiped with a damp cloth if exposed to dirt or grime.
  • Avoid leaving any of our wooden product in direct sunlight, as it may warp certain woods and/ or the coating may fade over time.

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Feel free to email us should you require any further information.

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1 review for The Cricket Puzzle

  1. Marilie Masters (verified owner)

    The image on the cricket puzzle is very bright. The children are attracted to this one.

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1 review for The Cricket Puzzle

  1. Marilie Masters (verified owner)

    The image on the cricket puzzle is very bright. The children are attracted to this one.

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