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Creative Development In The Child: Volume 1

Creative Development In The Child: Volume 1 is a book based on Dr. Montessori’s lectures during her first course in India in 1939.

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In her observations, Dr Maria Montessori noted that The Child’s creativity developed spontaneously.  This only occurred if the Child is allowed to progress through the various stages of cognitive growth, developing their ability to convert sensory motor experiences into actions by intuitively converting their motor memory into action and finally into perfecting the operation.

Dr Montessori believes that a natural law governing the development of a child’s imagination and creativity are inborn powers in The Child, developing, as his mental capacities are established through The Child’s interaction with the environment.  The environment must itself be beautiful, harmonious and based in reality in order for The Child to organize their perceptions of it.  A Child must achieve three qualities before reaching this level:

  • a high level of attention and concentration,
  • the ability to be independent and to know they can move onto their next level when they are ready,
  • and the faith to remain open to truth and reality

This produces the freedom in the child to develop their creativity.

This book, in two volumes, explores the Montessori approach to the education of children between 3 and 6 years of age with specific emphasis of how to provide the correct environment allowing The Child to develop their creative abilities.

Volume 1
• Kalakshetra: 249 pages, soft cover, 2017 edition

Item No:  549400

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