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Childrens Readers Grade 3 – Green

These readers are carefully selected by our team, ensuring that they are suitable for a Montessori language environment.  Filled with realistic images and stories that resonate with real life for the Child.


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In stock

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This is the fifth of a new range of reading books, the Childrens Readers: Grade 3.   These books form part of the Key Links series, aligned to the CAPS curriculum.   Grade 3 children explore a greater number of books, with longer and more complex words and sentences.   The more they read, the more fluent their reading skills become.  Their vocabulary, comprehension and pronunciation improves.  These real-life stories focus on subjects that will encourage them to dream of adventure and challenge, prompting them to try the next one.

When necessary, the teacher will sit with the individual children to ensure they are following the preview prompt panel correctly.  However, children at this level tend to read alone more often and know how to use the preview prompt panel.

The six books cover a variety of subjects.

All the books use true-to-life visuals and are contextually accurate.  The titles listed below increase in complexity and range from the medium level reader to that of the more advanced.

  • The Junk Raft Journey – tells the story of how there is too much plastic in the ocean and how we can keep it clean.
  • A Real Tree House – describes how some people built their home in a tree and they live there without electricity.
  • Bully Bugs – a book all about bugs and how they learnt to survive against their enemies.
  • Up Pops a Mushroom – this story introduces children to different types of mushrooms.  Some are strange and unusual shapes and can grow anywhere.  Some are poisonous.
  • Different or the Same – the concept of diversity is introduced through this book about albino animals.  The question are they different or the same? makes us think about prejudice.
  • The Stars Above – a book all about the stars and introducing the ideas that start are born, grow old and can explode.

The Preview Panel Provides a Prompt

All the books in the Childrens Readers: Grade 3 series, are language rich, with high quality realistic photographs demonstrating the story or theme.    The preview panel (on the right hand side of every double page), prompts the reader to focus on the following, (if they want to):

  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Flow/Phrasing/Fluency
  • Phonic Knowledge
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Oral, Written and Visual Language

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