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Child-Size Masterpieces: Advanced (3) - 36 Cards

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The Child-Size Masterpieces:  Advanced (3) is a book with a focus on the final step 3 which focuses on Grouping 4 Paintings by One Artist., which is part of the suggested lesson plan (graded activities from Step 1 to 8); as laid out in the “How to Use Child-Size Masterpieces” by Aline D. Wolf.  This “how to book” enables parents or the Teacher (who do not need to be art experts), to introduce fine paintings to children of all ages (from 3 years of age).

These art cards in the volume  Child-Size Masterpieces:  Advanced (3), is appropriate for children who can read (or are learning to read) and have completed Steps 1 to 3.  A description of each of the famous paintings is printed on the back of each card.  The parent or teacher is encourage to read these descriptions firs and then to discuss the particulars with the young children.  The children will be challenged if you begin by asking them questions that will pique their curiosity about each painting and help them notice its interesting details.

The complete series has been curated and written by Aline D. Wolf.  This book contains 32 cards and is the 1989 edition.

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Aline D. Wolf. A series of books made of card stock, presenting reproductions of the works of famous artists. The reproductions are to be cut-out from the book. Starting with matching exercises, the series progresses to labeling and grouping exercises. Backs of cards provide additional information on each painting and the artist.
• 36 cards, 1987 edition

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