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Checker Board Activity Set

The Checker Board Activity Set provides the Child with an opportunity to practice their multiplication exercises.  They use the checker board mat, and bead bars to complete the equations.  This activity set, builds equations in complexity, from 2-digit to 6-digit multiplicands.


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Conventional teaching claims that a Child cannot learn multi-digit multiplication, without memorising their multiplication tables.  The Checker Board Activity Set will illustrate that this is not the case.  This is because the Child uses the concrete material of bead bars, and the checkerboard mat, so that they can multiply large numbers, while skip counting the beads.

Before presenting the checker board, the Child will have been introduced to the basic operations; and hierarchical materials; through the golden bead material, bead cabinet, and the Montessori Hierarchical Material.  As Michelle Irinyi; an NAMC graduate and tutor writes; “the Montessori checkerboard reinforces these concepts with a new way of presenting the information, while at the same time, allowing the Child to increase his knowledge, and skill level.”  NOTE:  the checker board material, displayed in the illustrations; is sold separately.

Features of the Checker Board Activity Set:

  • the direct objectives of this activity, for the Child, are to:
    • learn how to multiply from simple to multi-digit multipliers
    • understand how to multiply with multiplicands up to 9-digits
    • operate both static and dynamic
  • indirectly, the Child:
    • understands the concept of base 10 work
    • learns to love mathematics.
    • is challenged to think for themselves
    • improves their self-confidence, focus and concentration
  • the checker board material acts as the control of error
  • aimed at the lower and, upper elementary class
  • used through the lower elementary environment
  • this activity forms part of the Montessori mathematics curriculum

Contents of the Checker Board Activity Set:

  • 6 sets of header cards with a question on the front, and the answer on the back
  • a total of 46 questions, growing in complexity from the simple to 6-digit multiplicands
  • the cards are self-checking, with the correct answer displayed, on the back of the card
  • stored in an acrylic stand, to display the cards on the shelves

Size:  13 x 9 x 9.5 cm / (5″ x 3½” x 3¾”)

  • Re-cycle card material
  • Card does not tear
  • Eco-friendly inks used
  • No need to laminate
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth, if card is soiled
  • Cool iron to flatten any inadvertent creases.

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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 cm


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